My 98 Accord
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1998 Honda Accord V6
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Below are some of my favorite pictures of my car. I got the car in 2001 and I drove it daily up until 2007. When I first started I had no idea what I was doing or wanted the car to be like. I knew what I liked but didnít have the knowledge to get there. I made many mistakes. I started out by blackhousing my headlights. I bought wheels that would have better fit a civic and spent too much money on my headunit/speakers.

Through the years I went through 2 different sets of full coilovers and wheels. I really loved both sets of coilovers for different reasons. The first set of coilovers I purchased were the Tein SS. They were near OEM quality and had a good ride quality. I started out with the car barely lowered after being warned of the scary effects of lowering the car. I didnít really know anyone else besides people on the internet that were into cars. As time went on I got more comfortable with the height and added a lip kit that made it a little lower. Eventually the Teinís were adjusted all the way down. I did get alignments after each adjustment and bought front/rear camber kits to keep from ruining my tires.

At this point I was unsatisfied with the height and wanted larger wheels. I sold the 17Ē wheels and started saving for some Omnipower coilovers and 18Ē wheels. It took a while but in the end I was really happy. The wheels barely fit and needed a good bit of trimming to fit. This scared me at first ended up being really good.

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The Accord in it's new garage.
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Car: 1998 Honda Accord

Stock interior removed Memoryfab S58 red seat Takata 4pt racing cam lock harness
Mugen front lip
Mugen sideskirts
Porsche Bi-xenon Retro'd HID's
Red/Clear Taillights
35% Tint
Quick wire tuck
K&N Drop In Filter
Removed lower intake resonator
Painted Engine Covers
Acura TL-S battery cover
Megan Headers
Mugen brake fluid resorvoir cover
Mugen power steering fluid resorvoir cover
18" Exel DL-46 (hyperblack)
Omni Power Coilovers (Sport 12k/10k)
Acura TL-S upper strut bar
Comptech swaybars
Ingalls front camber kit
SPC rear camber kit
Ford Hi-Perf racing brake fluid


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