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Modding 101




There are a lot of questions you need to ask yourself before you start buying parts. First off, what do you use the car for? What do you want it to be in the end? How much are you willing to sacrifice for performance and looks. I for one love to daily drive my car and love all the little things I have to do to protect my car. I love parking it in wide parking spaces at the end of the lot. I love having to search for the flattest way in to a parking lot. It is a challenge that I donít take lightly and if you want to protect your car you wonít either.

A lot of people when they first start out want the car to look as different as possible as quick as possible. I think this is immature. If you want your car to be different you should put in the work and money to do it. Donít cheap out because having the best parts is what it is all about these days. Itís not about the length of your mod list. Sometimes having tons of cheap parts on your car may make you stand out, but also can make your car look gawdy and cheap. The brand names are just like your girlfriend buying her Gucci purse. If you donít care about all that, you still got to spend the money to get functional parts. Buying cheap just gives the look without the performance. Itís all about what you want.

Itís not just about the parts you buy, but how well you implement using them. You have to get your car to the right stance, match styles etc etc. Itís really hard to explain in general terms so you will just have to take my word for it now and keep reading future articles.
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