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About Dinzdale40

I am a car maniac. I am into imports, euros, domestics, racecars, and streetcars. There is nothing as far as cars go that I would completely rule out and say that I donít like. I am very picky about how things look but I am into pretty much any styles. Some of my favorite cars could be anything from a Integra Type R to a W108 Mercedes Benz to a Ford F250 to a Volvo station wagon.

I love clean cars and really got in to detailing cars when I was in college. I started a small business detailing and got a lot of experience that way. I am all about having a swirl free finish and polishing paint to the maximum. I am the guy you see on the weekend cleaning his engine bay in the driveway in spots you know never see the light of day. Iíve hand cleaned my carís sub-frames and wheel wells, and scrubbed the entire underside of my car. I used to daily browse the forums and could talk to you about detailing products using all acronyms. I have since come clean and cut back a little on the obsessive-ness of this but can still hold my own with the big dogs of detailing.

I am also a photographer. I wouldnít say Iím a pro but I am working hard to be a strong amateur photographer. I love taking pictures of cars mostly. Sharing my car with other folks on the internet is what got me interested. I started off just using my dadís point&shoot camera every weekend to take shots of my car in crazy places. Now I shoot a Canon 20D digital SLR camera.

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