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2000 Honda Accord Coupe



This is my 2000 Accord Coupe, I got it Christmas 2002 as a present from my parents. Since the beginning I have always been interested in the car scene. At first I started out with some really bad mods, but got those mistakes out of the way. The first mod I got besides indoor neons (haha) was Eibach Prokit springs. After that I bought some ugly halo headlights and chrome 18” wheels. I am now going on my 5th set of headlights, and on my 2nd set of aftermarket wheels and suspension. I think I am finally happy with everything. When I got the car it had about 40K on it, and since I don’t drive too much I just have around 67K in 4 ½ years. The history of my mods has shown how in-depth I was in the industry. Since I knew little at first my mods were not good, but after almost living on forums sites I have finally gotten some knowledge in different areas. Besides my car, my 2nd hobby is photography. So combining the two definitely keeps me happy on the weekends.
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Car:Eric's 2000 Honda Accord Coupe LX
Color:Deep Velvet Blue Pearl
4cyl Auto


-Wings West Kit
-Viper alarm
-20% window tint w/ sun strip
-Custom Headlight Retrofit
-Hybrid projectors-FX35 bixenon w/ 300zx lenses
-Graphite paint
-Clear outer lense
-Painted eyebrows
-A4 inverted shrouds
-Phillips 4300K bulbs with Denso Ballast
-Liteglow LED underbody kit
-Type R grill
-Datum1 Rear towhook


-Apexi WS2 cat-back exhaust
-Weapon R Short Ram Intake

Wheels and Suspension:

-18" Bronze Rota Subzeros
-Eibach Sportlines
-Koni Blue Struts
-Falken ZE-512 (225/40/18)
-Honda centercaps
-Ingalls rear camber kit
-Tenzo R Upper Front Strut Bar (Polish)


-Blue LED dome light, A/C climate control
-15" black light
-Alpine cd player
-Pioneer 6x9's
-2 10" Rockfard Fostgate subs
-300x2 RMS watt Planet Audio amp
-1" Clarion tweeters
-Yellowtop to power it all

Future Mods: who knows....


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